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“Our work is explained in these 9 reasons”

Open Solutions was founded in 2006 to close the gap between advertising and technical people doing digital work in Cyprus. For most design agencies, developing a website or any creative work is all about technical skills but this is not the case. Our people have strong experience of the Web technologies and Digital Marketing for more than 12 years. We strongly believe that the right ingredients are those that will amaze your customers by creating memorable experiences leading to better customer satisfaction and higher conversion rates.


We are a team of freelancers backed by 12 years of experience in Creative work & Online Marketing.


We achieve partnerships with the higher technology companies and associations abroad to help our customers in Cyprus to succeed with their web presence.

New techniques

The Web grows every day. Studies show that the Web is growing 100x faster than normal life. Looking ahead for you, following the best practices and learning new Marketing techniques through detailed case studies is something we have adapted to our daily life.

Keep on learning

We always keep on learning something new every day. We believe that leveraging technical knowledge and follow the trends is important as the Web grows.

Look ahead

We lookahead into reading technologies news every week and learn how new and different business models behave on different kind of websites. This helps us in the overall developement process in chosing the right content and design for our customers. We don’t tide you in a specific plan. We always look ahead to find new partners and help our customers grow through different channels, goals, and experiences.

Our experience

Each customer is treated differently but in the same manner of work. We understand that your business has specific goals, different from others. That’s why we use our experience and technologies, to help you succeed whatever your goals are.

Digital transformation

When it comes to new project work, we partner with our customers, learn every detail of their business goals, and adapt their business model on the Web, making their digital transformation easy.

Best outcome

Pricing matters for you and for us as well. That’s why we don’t tide you in specific budgets and technologies. There are a different kind of prices on the Web. We always look for your budget and assist you looking for the best outcome for your business at the minimum cost for you.

Great relations 

Satisfaction matters for us. We believe that great relations with our customer is a key ingredient to our success as well.

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