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Search Engine Marketing

Get traffic, Reach more customers.

Google Campaigns through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Organic Search Promotion are methods to promote your website on the Web by driving traffic from major search engines and other web resources.

Research first.

A kind of feasibility study is essential before starting a Web Promotion. Does it worth to promote and advertise?
What is the Return on Investment from such Campaign? How much traffic will we get? What budgets are available? How are we going to convert our visitors into oportunities or customers? These are good questions to ask your self before starting a search engine promotion.


However Organic Search Promotion like SEO, maybe more costly in the long run and not guaranteed unless you find some ways to hack the Google algorithm which may result in Google penalty and banning your website from search results.

The PPC - Pay Per Click - method through Google advertising maybe a faster way to get results and is more secure for startups and websites that their business type and keywords have a high return volume in search results.

We are constantly developing new pages on our website with new services, so check back soon for a dedicated Google PPC page. Meanwhile, if you would like to have a kind of feasibility study and would like to know the cost of search promotion, please shoot us anytime at [email protected]

What kind of people should we target?

1. Who are we going to target?
2. Is your site ready to convert visitors into opportunities?
3. What keywords should we promote on search engines?
4. What budget is available and how are we going to split it for website and promotion?
5. What will be the return on investment from such Campaign?

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