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Content Marketing

Content is king and they are right.

Website content is not only useful for marketing your website on many search engines like Google, but also a great way to pass the right message from your website to your customers.

Text and Heading tone.

At Open Solutions we pay big attention to marketing and managing your website content. The tone of your content play an important role to grab your user's attention. It's not that easy to catch user's attention by writing mostly text or static content. It will be also boring too thats why people never read all the content. Instead, they scan the pages for headlines, images and other assets like videos, animations and other illustrations on your pages and get an idea from it. The same applies for Social Media Advertising.

Grab visitor's attention by marketing your content.

What other web design agencies do in Cyprus, is that they consider building a website as a technical job requiring special technical skills. As a result all the content is mostly arranged in passive tone. While this sounds normal, at Open Solutions we go a step further and believe that the end result of the website should finally deliver the right message to your customers through different kind of elements such as attacting headings, great colors, buttons, backgrounds, videos, illustrations, and animations.

Content also has to do with the overall structure and design so we should carefully select one that matches your business model.
Hopefully, there are available tools to track how your audience is reading the content on the pages and how deep they go.

Are they scrolling the full page and what kind of pages are mostly used?

Open Solutions creates a content strategy specifically for your business, that will guide you in developing or assisting in the procedure for you.

We carefully chose the right content assets and text but we require of course that our customer give us some time to understand their business by providing as much information needed and together we proceed in developing a content strategy that will be posted on your website or any other Web platforms like Social Media.  

Design and construct webpages that convert guests

Utilize concise, human language

Preserve every little thing concise and bear in mind who you are focused on, so that you can center of attention on them alone, rather than losing components attempting to attraction to everybody.

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