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Open Solutions is a Web Design agency in Cyprus that helps mid-sized and large businesses to increase their profitability on the web. Our team is based in Cyprus and it is composed of capable designers and creatives from various fields. We pay attention to consistent Web Design across all devices and to all of the visual details of your Web Design, and that comprises typography and iconography.

We are specialist in Website Design

We are a web design Cyprus agency with more than 12 years of experience located in Limassol, Cyprus. During our career, we have specialized in the website design and all the services associated with digital marketing.
Through our web design process we create the best online marketing strategy to guarantee the improvement of your online presence in Cyprus.
Today, a website is one of the key pillars of creating successful digital marketing. It's usually the first meeting with your customers and you only have a few seconds to impress the visitors - A few seconds to get the visitor to contact your company.
We are experts in the creation of websites tailored to each client. In our design process, we analyze all the needs from all possible perspectives to ensure the best user experience, either from a desktop browser or from mobile devices. We take care of all the details to give your website the attraction and presence necessary to capture the attention of your target customers in Cyprus. We design your professional web page adapting it to all devices through the use of responsive web design.

"3 things” we always do in the Web Design process.

1. Ensure an easy and consistent navigation, colors and typography on your website. Pay attention to site structure and promote of the best content of your business on your website.

2. Set up and improve content assets of your website to ensure a cathing eye website. Make every user experience memorable for your Brand, through consistent content and design that will amaze your customers.

3. Every design we develop is proven to work well with human interaction based on extensive research. Every day we are learning something new about on the Web from Marketing Associations and detailed case studies which have been adopted by large and small corporations abroad and are proven for actual results.

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